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At Bertisch Camp, we offer kids of all ages and backgrounds a structured opportunity for growth. Our micro-managed approach during rehearsal allows campers to make use of every single minute and teaches them how to practice and work in a short deadline (often like the movie business). To find out more please read on or get in touch with us.



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Co-Director, Writer, Producer

 Aden Bertisch is an aspiring singer, actor, and director who attends Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. He has been the director and organizer of Bertisch Camp for six years alongside his sister. Aden has been in many musical theater productions and has studied voice since he was eight. He has appeared in Craig Moss’s Let Us In, and continues to study acting at many different conservatories. 

Bertisch Camp is so much fun, you get to be with your friends over the summer while playing, and learning to act. Aden and his family do a really good job!!

Ashley Keen (Student)

5 stars! What an amazing free camp! The committee, passion for musicals and the fun! It is an amazing experience that all should experience! I have done the camp for 2 years doing the Muppets Most Wanted and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and this year Bring It On! Wow!

Capri Indrizzo (Student)

BERTISCH CAMP IS AWESOME!! If you're looking for a great camp go to Bertisch Camp is it! SO AMAZING!!

Tobey Steiner (Student)

Hello people checking out the Bertisch Camp website. All I want to say is that BC was lots of fun and I can't wait for next years. If anyone wants to join and you haven't before you should!

Vienna Webb (Former Student)


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